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    Here’s A Google Perk Any Company Can Imitate: Employee-To-Employee Learning

    Google taps its own ranks to teach valuable career-building classes as well as “extracurriculars” like kickboxing and social skills for engineers. 

    “Googler to Googler” places employees from across departments into teaching roles that would otherwise be filled by the HR department (or rather, as Google calls it, “People Operations”). The Google core curriculum includes courses on management, orientation, and skills such as public speaking. Other classes taught Googler to Googler—everything from kickboxing to parenting—were initiated and designed by an employee.

    It’s not about money. Google feeds 37,000 employees three gourmet meals a day. It can certainly afford to hire teachers. The company thinks it’s a good business idea to have employees teach employees.

    Here’s why:

    • Promoting A Culture Of Learning
    • Putting Employees In Teaching Mode
    • In-House Teachers Get An “A”

    Read the full story here.

    [Pencils Image: Flickr user Bernard Walker]

    Skill-sharing validates people’s “whole self” capability, rather than just what they do for work.

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    Anyone can learn from anyone; even in low-cost private schools, I am convinced that faculty-to-faculty training is the...
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    How do you foster your company culture and learning?
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    Skill-sharing validates people’s “whole self” capability, rather than just what they do for work.
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    come to los angeles already.
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